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Workplace Learning Solutions Lead

Tell Marci a story. Storytelling is at the heart of her approach to creating learner-centred experiences with measurable impact on workplace performance and learner engagement. 

Marci has over 20 years’ experience recommending learning and performance solutions to address performance needs. She has advised clients in health care, distribution and retail, aerospace, defense, real estate, government, and more.


Development and Systems Lead

Kirsten is gifted with the ability to quickly master software and systems while maintaining a human-oriented approach. Her path led her naturally into online learning, where she can apply her expertise to helping people of all skill levels feel more comfortable with technology.

Kirsten’s extensive systems experience includes over 25 years in senior technical roles exploring nearly every aspect of website design, development, content creation, and marketing.


Customer and Company Care Specialist

Ruth has great empathy and is a wonderful listener. She is adept at solving, and avoiding problems by making connections and predictions. 

Ruth has been the go-to person for getting things done for both her clients and her employers for the past 10 years. 


Creative Director and CEO

Simon has the ability to demystify complex concepts using simple but elegant words and images. He streamlines workflows, makes unexpected connections, and finds creative solutions for reaching audiences. 

As a “reformed” senior IT executive, Simon now applies his talents to making learning accessible and fun. He has over 15 years’ experience in the field of instructional design.